"Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love."
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One of the main responses I get about any business, especially marketing, is that I’m scared its a scam or it looks like a scam. The fear of starting a new business blinds individuals from becoming successful.  One thing I explain is the history of a company and the credibility of it through actual proof.  Sometime proof isn’t enough and at that point its hard to convince a closed mind, but one thing I will say is that any closed mind can be opened.  As entrepreneurs , it is our duty to educate and not just sell.  When focus on just selling a product, you forget who your talking too, your talking to someone who most likely has never been in business before.  Education is key, credibility is key, and patience is a virtue!

It only cost $40 (first Two months prepaid membership) becoming a “Total Security Member” with motor club of america, and $19.95 each month thereafter. The compensation plan proposed by Motor Club of America is definitely one of the most lucrative above any throughout the industry.


1 referral per week = $80/week = $4,160/year

5 referrals per week = $410/week = $21,320/year

10 referrals per week = $840/week = $43,689/year

15 referrals per week = $1290/week = $67,080/year

20 referrals per week = $1760/week = $91,520/year

30 referrals per week = $2700/week = $140,400/year

To provide you with basically a brief example of the MCA comp plan look below:

For 1-5 memberships sold each week for just $40 an MCA associate/member will get an $80 compensation check each week via UPS or direct deposit, meaning that even with 1 $40 “Total Security Membership Package” sale each week you can now easily earn an additional $80 each week or $4,160 annually simply by sharing Motor Club of America’s trusted products, and services.

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Hey Everyone!

Is anybody interested in making money from home?

I’m a part of a group called MCA. (Motor Club of America)

All you have to do is invest $40, and you could earn anywhere between $300-$1,000 a week (: & more.

If you’re skeptical, I could always post a proof video, or you could send me a message in my ask, and I’ll explain everything you need to know. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. It’s not hard at all.

Thanks alot! Just let me know if you’re interested!

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